About Us

Curvy. Empowering. Confident. Envied

This is the type of woman this clothing store is for. 

She doesn’t need social media to tell her curves are in. Thick has been in since the beginning of time! 

Sadly, most women boutiques still cater to the “Skinny Minnie.” Meanwhile, the “Thicker than a Snickers” gal have the hardest time finding her size.

It’s the 21st Century and the curvy woman still gets no love! But this store changes that. 

Now, you have a clothing store dedicated to you. But not just any clothing store, but a curvy-positive clothing store! 😋

Your voluptuous legs and butt need some accentuation and our clothing are equipped for the job!🙌🏿

So shop around and see what reflects your style.

We accommodate all types of curves, ranging from S to 6X!